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Ergonomics: improve the comfort of seat furniture


As consumer to furniture function request higher and higher, furniture not only needs modelling beautiful, but also has comfortable. Because modern works and the change of life style, the habit is long and sedentary, sedentary easy to cause fatigue, comfortable seat appears particularly important.

Ergonomics is to study the relationship between human and machine in modern society, and to study human-machine-environment as a whole. It involves subjects including physiology, psychology and behavior, and aims to coordinate the relationship between human and machine, human and environment. The design of solid wood furniture based on ergonomics is not simply designed to cater to the somatosensory effect of the human body, but also combined with the comfort of the human body when using furniture. The integration of ergonomics and furniture design not only improves the comfort of furniture, but also subtly affects People's Daily posture of using furniture, which provides more help for human physical and mental development and health, and even improves people's bad habits in life.