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Yoga couch


This is not only a lazy sofa, but also a yoga chair, as a yoga auxiliary, although ordinary, but very useful, wide range of uses, the effect is significant, can be used for all types of yoga asana assistant practice. The yoga chair can help you unlock more asanas and is one of the essential props for every yogi. With the help of the yoga chair, you can completely twist, stretch, forward bend, back bend and other poses, while effectively improving muscle tension, developing breathing habits in life to help reduce stress. You can experience the benefits of yoga without trying to get into too complicated asanas. This yoga sofa is a tool for practicing the back. Through this tool, it can help practitioners easily complete the waist twisting, support the back, make the shoulders reach a more standard perfect action, promote the blood circulation of the body, and the yoga iron chair is convenient for storage. This yoga chair eliminates fatigue and pain caused by stress.

[Concept] : The original design method with leisure as the leading idea, gradually we have integrated the concept of health, leisure and health, leisure at home at the same time, you can also play sports at home anytime and anywhere, which is a beginning to change the traditional idea of lazy sofa.

[Appearance] : After repeated research, design and test of our company, we have designed a scheme to fit the ergonomics. We can fit the head of the sofa to the back neck of the human body, and design a non-slip shape for the seat cushion, so as to avoid the human body sliding forward when doing yoga.