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How to distinguish the quality of fabric sofa fabrics?


1. Printing pattern 

Generally speaking, thin fabrics with printed patterns are cheap because of their simple process; while patterns such as patterns are woven by machine, they are thicker and higher-end. When purchasing, carefully observe what kind of pattern the fabric belongs to. The pattern woven by different warp and weft threads has a three-dimensional effect, not as smooth as printed fabrics. Furthermore, the fabrics made of pure cotton and pure wool are of higher grade than ordinary rayon fabrics. 

2. The fabric of the sofa is quite different due to the difference of the leather. 

The modern industry has been able to perform multi-layer cutting of thick cowhide, so there is a distinction between one-layer leather, two-layer leather and even multi-layer leather. The first layer of leather is the outermost layer. This layer of cowhide has good toughness and elasticity. After being made into a sofa, it will not easily break after repeated sitting pressure. The second-layer leather is the leftover skin of the top-layer leather. The surface tension and toughness of the second-layer leather are not as good as that of the top-layer leather. Long-term use of the surface paint film sofa fabric will often affect the overall effect and price of the sofa. Therefore, careful selection is required, and of course the inner filling cannot be ignored. The method of distinguishing the second layer of skin:

(1) the top layer of skin can be seen with clear pores through a magnifying glass; 

(2) the first layer of skin is mostly the first layer of skin with soft feel and good elasticity when you pinch the skin with your hands. In addition, whether it is made of large pieces of leather or spliced with small pieces of leather is also an aspect that affects the grade.

3. Purchase from the point of view of details 

1) Sofa feet Some sofa feet are wood, some are metal, and some are pulleys, this detail needs to be carefully checked. The main thing is to be strong, the feet are unstable, and the sofa will not be comfortable to sit on. 

2) Frame European-style sofas all adopt the structure of frame and cushion. In order to present some special design feeling, some designs will deliberately expose part of the frame, such as exposing shiny metal, and talking with the leather material to create a wild and uninhibited effect. Then this part of the exposed frame should be checked clearly. 

3) Sofa cover for fabric sofa Be sure to double check for ease of disassembly for future cleaning in use. From a design perspective, smart designers know that for modern people who pursue quality and details, what matters is not what kind of furniture they buy, but what kind of lifestyle and home style they can find. 

4) A metaphysical sofa Regular armrests and suitable backrests are just the parts that a basic sofa should have. From nothing is an invention; from something to nothing is a variation of design, and it is also the ultimate demand for a sense of form. Formalist designers who prefer minimalist styles are happy to make bold changes to sofa armrests, backrests, support legs and other components, while shoppers who tend to spend on impulse will also be impressed by the unique temperament of this type of sofa. It is undeniable that once this type of sofa enters the living room, it will definitely make a final decision on the overall style. The existence of the form does not mean that the sofa also has these functions. The minimalist design boldly tries different materials. Sometimes, it is just the visual effect that drives the designers to adopt such a treatment method. The single-seat sofa with stainless steel armrests has diluted the meaning of being seated. Its existence is undoubtedly a silent reflection of the owner's personality. 

4. grow taller 

Of course, the conceptual sofa must break through the routine. If the placement determines the role of the decoration, the heightening will not only have a dazzling brilliance, but also complete the space division.

5. True Color

It seems that it is still a traditional sofa, but subtle changes have taken place inside. Various elastic cottons or springs are more and more suitable for people's body requirements, while the flexible installation and technical treatment of armrests, backrests, seat cushions and other components feel like Just like human evolution, it is more and more suitable for "survival".

6. Variation

Of course, everything still exists, however, the armrests and backrests expand the scope of service, the placement of tea sets, the decoration of small ornaments, and the shelving of books at hand can all be satisfied, just to make changes for needs. The armrest on the left uses a wooden bracket, and the sofa alone completes the complete function of rest and entertainment.

7. Cut back

Most of the armrests and backrests of such sofas have been degraded for ease of folding or easy disassembly. But unlike the simple addition or subtraction of form changes, its appearance has changed our attitude at home. When we can lie down, we absolutely cannot allow ourselves to sit. The long-line trend is suitable for lying down. The cushions are filled with the hairs of the armpits of water birds. It is warm in winter and cool in summer. Lying here is a good dream in hot summer. 

Intimate Tips: 

The inherent quality of the sofa is also a part that cannot be ignored. When buying a sofa, it is difficult for ordinary buyers to judge the pros and cons of the sofa if they just sit and press down. The only way is to look inside. For some sofas that are not fully covered in the lower part, you can turn over and observe the quality of the springs, plates and sponges used inside to judge the pros and cons of the sofa. A good sofa, the inner spring requires anti-rust treatment, the wood used requires planing, and there should be no scars. In addition, good furniture brands are earned through years of hard work. Brand-name furniture incorporates factors such as good after-sales service, reliable quality, and fine workmanship, so the price is higher. If it is imported furniture, tariffs, freight, etc. need to be added, and the price will be greatly increased.