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Rocking chair


A rocking chair, gently rocking around our bodies, brings healing time to us.  It is not only comfortable to sit in, but also has a strong sense of presence and is the focus of interior decoration.  Quiet afternoon, warm sunshine, holding a good book in hand, drinking hot coffee, sitting in a soft rocking chair, enjoy this cozy good time.  The shape of this rocking chair is very exquisite, giving people a feeling of high quality.  Arc back in line with ergonomic design, full cushion, sitting more comfortable.  Splicing collision between materials creates a different feeling, rigid and flexible, tough and durable combined with soft and comfortable.

[Softness] : high rebound cushion, waterproof fabric, wear-resistant and breathable, more practical.  Anti-splash fabric of the sitting surface cushion, even if accidentally spilled a little water, can also fall in one beat.  When sitting, it fits the curve of the stock, which is not soft but not hard.  It can give you a soothing and flexible sitting experience.  Moreover, its bag is very convenient, and it is filled with high-quality down and doll cotton, which is not easy to collapse and deformation when used for a long time.

[Stability] : The metal frame, the chair uses the principle of balance sledge is not easy to dump and shake free, forward tilt 15°, 30° after tilt, the Angle is suitable, sedentary waist is not tired, use up quite stable, enjoy the swing life.

[Variety of scene] : The rocking chair is free from the constraints of space, whether from the durability of the material, or the comfortable feeling of sitting, or the appearance of a high level of appearance.  It can be used in a variety of Settings, including a balcony, a living room, a study, or a courtyard garden.  Lying in a rocking chair, it feels like time is in the moment.