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Folding sofa chair


For a person who likes to stay at home after work, a comfortable and beautiful leisure sofa is essential!
The placement is convenient, a person can also easily promote, like blowing the air on the balcony, like blowing the air conditioning in the room to play games in the bedroom, like nest in the sofa to tease the pet can also be placed in the living room, convenient for the needs of daily life. One of the biggest features of this folding sofa chair is that it saves space. When we don't normally need to use, we can fold the folding sofa chair and put it aside. When you need to use the folding sofa chair open, it can also become a sofa bed, so folding sofa chair can be said to be both practical and does not take up space.
[Multi-function] The back of this chair can be adjusted, the cushion part can be expanded, and finally can be laid flat to become a single bed, which can be placed in the office for lunch break at noon, or in the home study. The height of the sofa chair can also be adjusted, according to different height needs to adjust different heights, very practical.

【 Fabric 】 This sofa is made of technological fabric, which is convenient for daily care. When it gets dirty, we just need to wipe it with a wet towel.