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What do you need to pay attention to when designing a seat furniture?


The degree of comfort and function associated with the chair furniture is constituted by the structure and biomechanical relationships of the human body. Different uses of seats now require different designs, but there are still some general guidelines.
1.The design principle of all furniture is analyzed from the perspective of people's use and health. The curve design of the chair furniture is set according to the physiological condition of the person and the fatigue measurement. The curve of chair basically is to see chair cushion and the curve of the back of a chair whether and person physiology curve is similar. Since most people don't sit in a chair, they pose in a variety of positions. The backrest gives them a chance to rest their psoas muscles.
2.The specific scale of chair design should be based on its different functions, in accordance with anthropometric data and national standards of scale, and constantly test high-speed reasonable selection of values to achieve the requirements of scientific design.